Meet Caleb

Written By Justin

Caleb Bryant, Co-Founder

Caleb Bryant, Co-Founder

Caleb has always shown artistic talent, but he had just entered High School when he expressed to me his interest in exploring a career in a creative field. He asked me to begin conveying to him my classical art and design training, so we began with the fundamentals of light and shadow, color theory, sketching, solid typography, perspective drawing and much more. Gradually our conversations focused in on branding and entrepreneurship.

In time, Caleb suggested that we work together to build a new business and I agreed!

Caleb is honest and he cares about people. He’s very succinct, but he also has this quiet humor that’s really great! He’s an excellent listener and he’s constantly growing as a person and improving his creative and business skills.  

Caleb is a graduate of the Digital Media and Software Development program at the Knox County Career Center. In his (little) spare time he tends his saltwater aquarium, makes some really great photos of nature and cooks. His specialty is a succulent baked salmon with garlic and citrus — it’s quite tasty!

Also, Caleb actively volunteers in the community, assisting with communication for the Knox County Landmarks Foundation and Main Street Mount Vernon.

Meet Justin

Written By Caleb

Justin Bryant, Co-Founder

Justin Bryant, Co-Founder

Justin is a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design and has over 10 years of experience in a wide range of design, marketing, and branding projects. He has worked on everything from seasonal packaging for billion-dollar fashion brands, to designing logos for small businesses and completely rebranding local non-profits.

Justin has always been a true and caring person to me. He’s not just a brother — he’s a friend. I knew that I wanted to pursue a creative career, but it was hard knowing what specific path to follow. When I asked Justin to teach me, he helped me explore a variety of creative media which helped me discover the career path I wanted to follow.

To this point in my development, Justin’s expertise and diligence have played an integral role in forming my career. It’s clear that he’s invested in my future and — that he wants to see me succeed.

Justin is honest and pursues truth zealously. He works very hard at all he does. He lives in historic Mount Vernon Ohio with his wife Rachel and 4 young children. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, playing board games, hiking, and building with Lego Architecture Studio.

Justin brings a sharp eye for excellent typography and his design and brand expertise to all of our projects.