Heritage in Our Name

Our name pays homage to the original Bryant brothers — our great-great grandfather Charles L. and his brother William C. who formally incorporated The Bryant Brothers Art Company in 1904. Their business was based in Columbus Ohio and provided stained glass, frescoing and interior design services.

The brothers worked extensively on churches, synagogues, courthouses, libraries, schools, masonic temples, and personal residences in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Although we never had the opportunity to meet these men, we’re committed to carrying on the Bryant tradition of creativity!

We invite you to browse the following gallery of images and captions.

Heritage in Our Logo

Our logo, color and symbols are inspired by the design and symbolism of the Bryant family crest.

The 5-pointed cinquefoil represents hope and joy.

Our interlocking lozenge symbolize 2 brothers working in unison.